ServicesCommitted to providing the support and collaboration needed

Interested parents/patients can fill out a brief questionnaire which will be reviewed by Dr. Anguiano to see if the needs of the patient align with the services that she provides. You will be contacted to schedule an initial consult or notified if other services would be recommended.

Initial consult visit

(1 hour In-person or via telehealth)

Pediatric Medication Management Services

This initial parent only visit will include a comprehensive behavioral health evaluation including past medical and psychiatric history, discussion of concerns, possible treatment options, and setting the stage for collaboration in reaching treatment goals.

At the end of this visit you should expect to have preliminary or potential diagnoses as well as possible interventions that may improve the overall health of the patient. This visit will also give you the opportunity to see if services offered meet the desired goals for your family.

If would like to begin the collaboration phase of services after the initial visit, a subscription service will be initiated.

Follow-up visits

(15-60 minutes In-person or via telehealth)

Subscription Service

The initial follow-up visit will be the first visit with the patient to examine, collect further history, and obtain their understanding of presenting concerns. Time will be spent in educating the parent and child about the diagnoses as well as treatment goals and expectations. ~ 1 hour ~ In person visit

Subsequent follow-up visits will be scheduled every 1-4 weeks depending if a medication is started or titrated and then every 2-3 months once on a stable dosage.  

Additional check-in visits are encouraged and welcomed. ~ 15 – 60 minutes ~ In person or via telehealth.  

A La Carte Services

Sanity School® for Parents (SSP)

(6 weekly sessions lasting 90–120 minutes each)

Behavioral Parent Training (BPT) program that provides the missing link to supporting parents to raise their complex children confidently, without simply relying on medication, to be happy and independent adults.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI)

(5 sessions over 6 weeks, 30-45 minutes ~ In person or via telehealth)

This is considered first-line treatment for chronic insomnia and has the great benefit of having no side effects.  It has been noted to improve sleep in 70-80% of engaged patients, is more effective than sleeping pills, and improves the ability to decrease depression as well as other co-morbidities.


(60 minutes In person or via telehealth)

Family life coaching is a service that helps families navigate the challenges of daily life in a supportive and nurturing environment. We take a holistic approach to coaching, which means that we work with families to identify their strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of their lives. With our support and guidance, families can build stronger, more resilient relationships that will last a lifetime.